Adults Schedule

Ongoing CLASSES 

Note: Changes to Benedicte’s class during SPRING BREAK 2018: NO Monday 6 – 7.30 pm Int. Ballet on March 19, 26th and April 2nd


10.30 am – 11.30 pm Ballet Beg  (teacher: Pla)

11.30 am – 1 pm  Ballet Int  (teacher: Pla)

5.30  – 7 pm  Beginner Salsa Team Practice (teacher: Cristian)

7 – 8.30 pm  Intermediate Salsa Team Practice (teacher: Cristian)

8.30 – 10 pm  Ladies Styling Team Practice  (teacher: Cristian)


10 – 11.30 am  Ballet Beg  (teacher: Benedicte)

6 – 7.30 pm  Ballet Open Level  Teens and Adults (teacher: Benedicte) (this class will be suspended starting June 13th, 2016 and will resume August 22nd, 2016)

7.30 – 9 pm Flamenco Beg (teacher: Cithli)

9 – 10.30 pm Flamenco Int (teacher: Cithli)


8  – 9 pm  Salsa Beg  (teacher: Cristian)

9 – 10 pm  Salsa Int  (teacher: Cristian)


10 – 11.30 am  Ballet Beg/Int  (teacher: Pla)


12 – 1.30 pm Ballet Int (teacher: Benedicte)


8.30 – 10 am  Modern (teacher: Suchi)

10 – 11.30 am  Ballet Beg  (teacher: Marie)

6 – 7 pm  Belly Dancing  (teacher: Sa’eeda)


Private Lessons available!
Don’t hesitate to ask any of us more about it!

Please contact directly any individual teacher (you find their contacts here) for info about prices and sign up.


99 Responses to "Adults Schedule"

Hi there,

I’m VERY interested in Flamenco lessons. I am a beginner and would like to start soon. Thank you.

Elisa Cortez
cell 818 569 9454

Hi Elisa, thanks for your interest.
If you’d like to take Flamenco, you can just show up at the beginner class.
If you need more info about the dress code and so, please contact Celina Zambon (her class is great, by the way!).
Her contacts are under Teachers.
Hope you’ll join us at Born To Play Studio soon!


I will travel to LA next month
and I ve learned ballet for 2 years.

So can I take the class on Feb 6th?
If I can take it plz tell me price and supplies.

Thanks in advance:)

Hello. Yes you can. Ballet attire. $15/class.


im interested in learning ballet, should i contact the teacher first? and then go to the class? also im a beginner, what kind of shoes and outfit should i bring?

thank you

Hello there!
Thanks for your interest in ballet with us.
If you’re a beginner, just show up at one of the Adult Ballet Beg classes.
As for the outfit, ballet slippers are higly recommended. You can go to The Dance Store on Robertson Boulevard or to Shelly’s on Westwood Boulevard and buy a pair of slippers for about $20.
As for the rest of the body, for the first time you can just wear comfortable clothes for yoga or the gym, unless you already want to go for tights and leotard :).
Hope to see you around soon!

I have a 14-year-old who wants to start ballet–she’s had no dance training. She has started in the Adults ballet beg/basics class on Sundays. Is there a Saturday class she can take? She doesn’t mind being with younger students. Weekdays are out due to school.

Hi Cathy!

For your daughter we’d suggest to try the following classes on Saturday with Benedicte (starting September 12th) and see what works best for her:

11.15 am – 12.15 pm Ballet 2 (age: 10 – 13)

12.30 am – 2 pm Ballet 3-4 (age: 11 – 15)

Until September 10th, she can still join the open level class on Saturday:

11.30 am – 1 pm Ballet Open Level (age: 11 – 14)

Thank you!

Is there a Weds night Ballet basics tonight, 11/23? What time is it?

I’ve noticed that your currently listed schedule is not exact and the Flamenco class on Thursdays begins a half hour earlier.

What time does the Saturday Flamenco class start and are beginners welcome?


Thank you Karen. I’ll have the teacher contact you asap. Best, Liliana

Hi Liliana,

I am very interested in taking one of your beginner salsa classes. I have taken a salsa class before, but it has been a few years and I need a good refresher. Do the classes have a specific start date or can I come to any of the classes? Are Latin dance shoes required? And do I need a partner?


Hi Athena!
Please contact the teacher Cristian Oviedo at 323.217.6360.
The schedule should be as listed but please, confirm with him.
He’ll advice you about the shoes as well.

I grew up taking ballet for 13 years, and would love to get back to it!
It’s been 11 years since taking regular dance classes. I’m not sure whether to start with beginning ballet or the beg/int class?


Hi Jenny!
Thanks for your interest in our ballet classes.
I’m sure both Beg and Beg/Int are good for you to get back in your ballet shape!
Looking forward to seeing you at the studio!


I would love to learn flamenco.
What should I do to start??

Hi Carmen!
Thanks for asking.
You can just show up at the beginner class with the proper shoes. If you don’t have the shoes, please contact the teacher for more info.
Cithli’s number is 858.220.6333.
Have fun!

Is this the current schedule? I am interested in adult ballet folklorico.

Hi Sara.
Yes, this is a current schedule but we have no ballet folklorico. We have ballet and folklorico and they are separate classes.
Have fun!

Sara, We Hold Ballet Folklorico classes every Sunday from 2-4pm @ The Born To Play Dance Studio. for More Info. E Mail us @

Is it possible to just drop in and try a class, or do you have to schedule ahead of time? I’m like a poster above– had dozens of years of ballet, but haven’t been in class in over 10 years. Thanks.

Sure Jamie, you can drop in any time!

Thanks. Is the adult Tuesday folklorico class still offered? One website has the class listed and other one does not.

Hi Sara,
on our schedule I see Baile Folklorico only on Sunday. For more info you can contact the teacher directly. Teachers’ contacts are under the Teachers page.

We are Now Holding Baile Folklorico Classes on Sunday from 2-4pm

The Born to Play website has a winter 2012 schedule posted with the Tuesday class taught by John Avalos. Is that no longer offerered?

Not anymore. http://WWW.DANCEINSANTAMONICA.ME is the website with the updated schedule 🙂

Benedicte, is my favorite ballet class!!! I got in such good shape after having my daughter from her class!!! Thanks, Benedicte!!!

Hi, I am really interested in learning Flamenco. I am a complete beginner and I dont know if I can join for the beginner level? What should I bring with me for the first class? Like the shoes, skirts, or any dress code? Also I tried to contact the teachers,but still havent heard back from them. HELP. 😦

Hi, thanks for your interest in Flamenco.
The Flamenco teachers only can answer your question. I hope they’ll get back to you soon. Sorry they haven’t yet.
In the meantime I’ll let the owner of the studio know you need to be contacted asap.

I would like to know if you offer a beginning ballet class that is strictly for adults? Thank you for your assistance. It’s VERY difficult to find classes that are ONLY for adults.
Best wishes and gratitude always,

Hi Rebecca! Thanks for your interest.
All the ballet classes under Adults Schedule are for adults, including the ones for beginners.
Hope to see you soon in class!

Is the ballet basics class even more introductory than the beginner ballet class? What’s the difference between the two?
Any insight you could give would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much!

Hi Lindsey,
thanks for your inquiry.
Ballet basics is a little more introductory than beginner, yes.
Please try it :).

Hello. I want to take beginner ballet. How much is one class?

Hi Mary!
One sngle class is $13 to $15 depending on the teacher.
Hope to see you at the studio soon!

Hello! Do you offer any sort of Adult Jazz class, something that focuses on the technical elements of leaps, turns with pop combos, across the floors and such?

Hi Matthew.
Apparently, we don’t have such class yet.
We might have it later though; so please check back.

Hello! I would love to attend flamenco beginners’ class. I saw there is one on Saturdays. Since I never danced flamenco before, what shall I do beforehand? Get the shoes and the skirt? Contact the teacher? How much is a single class?
Thank you!!!!


Hi Anna!
Please, contact the teacher and she will have all the answers for you!
Thank you and have fun in class!

Hello I’m Mayo
I’m interested in Flamenco class.
I’d taked Flamenco lesson for 2years in Japan 3month ago.
Sevillanas and easy Alegrias were experienced.
If I join you, what level should I do?

Hi Mayo!
Thanks for your interest!
Please contact our Flamenco Teachers (their phone numbers are next to their names in the Teachers page) and go from there.
Have fun with Flamenco!

Adult jazz class starts on Thursday night this week! Come check it out for a GREAT workout!!

Dear Matthew,
Is the Thursday night 7pm jazz class still going? I would like to attend. Thanks,

Thanks Eileen!
Matt says he should start the class two weeks from now.
Apparently, something got on the way of an earlier start.
Please call him for updates: 949 400 1093.
Thank you!

How much are Matt’s Jazz classes at 7pm on thursday nights? Is that still happening?

Hi, Matt’s class just started. So yes, it’s happening :).
Please ask him about the price:

How can I find out the rates for your adult ballet classes?

Hi Irene, thanks for your interest.
Adult Ballet Classes are usually $15 per class and $130 for a package of 10 classes ($13 per class).
One single class usually lasts one hour and a half.
Hope that answers your question!
Happy New Year!

Hi Liliana – My name is Elyse and I am really interested in taking beginning adult ballet classes! I read an old message from your blog above that suggests just showing up to one of the beginning classes with some ballet shoes and gym clothes….is that still the way?? Thanks!

Yes, Elyse! Of course, if you have a ballet outfit you can totally wear it but, for beginners, ballet slippers and gym clothes are recommended. All beginning classes are great for everybody and sometimes I take Benedicte’s Monday morning class at 10 am myself. Hope to see you there!

Hi I am 22 and very interested. In renting space. I am A producer looking for space!? I will be doing a full on show. With dance. And I really love your videos. very inspirational. I will be in Santa Monica during the summer. 2013. Can you Reply me at

Dear Juli,
thanks for your email.
The best thing is for you to contact Benedicte Schoyen once you have an idea of the times you need the studio for.
This is her email:
Liliana Isella


Are adults allowed to attend Shiva’s Tuesday 6-7 PM beginning ballet classes, or is that for teens only? Thank you.

Hi Stephie,
thank you so much for checking us out.
Shiva’s class has just been temporary suspended.
I hope you’ll try out any other Ballet Beginning Class.

Hello, Is the flamenco class schedule up to date? April 25, 2013


Yes Irene,
the schedule is current.
Thank you,

Hello! Are the adult classes open to teenagers (age 16) and are they drop-in? Thank you!

Yes they are.
And yes, they’re drop in.
Thank you and looking forward to seeing you at Born To Play!

Hi! I took ballet classes when I was younger but I had to stop once I got to high school. I’m looking to start taking classes again! How can I sign up for classes, and how much does each class cost?
Thank you!

Hi Megan, you’re so welcome to come back to ballet. Just show up at one of the classes on the schedule. $15/1 single class and $130/10 classes. Benedicte’s Monday morning’s a killer class to come back with. Marie’s, Pla’s and Natsuo’s are great classes too. Once you checked in on your ballet level now, then you can move to Benedicte’s intermediate classes as well. See you soon, Liliana


Is this schedule up to date? Thanks!


How do I sign up for the Ballet Basics class on Sundays?


Hi Marika,
please just show up ten minutes before class and sign up with the teacher. You can pay for one single class or buy a serie of ten.

Hi I am very interested in starting dance lessons! I have no experience but have always wanted to try it. Is there a specific class you think I should begin with? Also, how much do the classes run?

Thanks for your interest!
I would recommend Ballet Beg on Monday Morning at 10 am with Benedicte or Friday at 10 am with Marie or Sunday morning with Pla or Natsuo.
Class is one hour and a half for $15. Ten classes are $130 ($13 per class).

Hi there,
I was reading through the comments and noticed that at one time there was an adult jazz class offered. Is that still being offered?

Hi Sarah,
no more Jazz for adults – only for kids. Sorry!

hi there!

I’m interested in renting out a small dance studio space for 1-2 hrs at a time on a weekly basis. Is that a possibility, and what would the price range look like for doing so?
I’d just be dancing by myself, or bringing a friend or two to instruct. Wondering whether this would be affordable 🙂

Hi Christine,
please call Benedicte at 310.498.4786. She’ll tell you about availability and prices.

Hi there! I would love to start taking Flamenco classes (I’m as beginner as they come) and wondered if the Beginner Classes are drop-in or if they are a series that start on a specific date.

Any info would be much appreciated. Also, how much are the classes?

Thanks for your interest.
Please go to the Teachers page, find the phone number of the teacher whose class you want to attend and contact them personally.
Liliana Isella

Hi! I’m not sure if you will get this before tomorrow morning but do you do drop in classes I’m from out of town I’m 16 years old and I am interested in dropping in for the adult ballet class probably beginner or intermediate. I will be stopping by tomorrow morning on 01-19-14 let me know! 🙂

Yes, feel free to stop by and drop in; hope you’ll like the classes tomorrow morning. And please remember that there are many different ballet classes to try over the week as well.

Hello! I am a college student currently attending USC and have been wanting to learn ballet at a studio very badly for quite some time now. I learned about a year of beginning and intermediate ballet combined about three years ago but have not danced since. I noticed you had weekend morning classes, which is the only time that I am available, but was wondering if I could speak to someone about the pricing? Should I contact the instructors individually? Thank you!


Yes, Sharon, you should contact each teacher individually.
Have fun in ballet class!

Hi there,
Do you know if there will be any ballet beg classes in the evenings? I would love to join, but hard with the day time schedule…


Hi, thanks for your interest. The ballet classes for you are listed under Adult Schedule. There is a nice Monday class at 6 pm for beginners. Thanks, Liliana

Hello! I want to take an adult class there but when I came, the schedule was wrong on the website so there was no class. The Sunday schedules for the 2 websites are VERY different so which is correct? says this:
10 – 11.30 am Ballet Int (teacher: Rebecca Witjas)
11.30 am – 1 pm Ballet Beg/Int (teacher: Natsuo)
1.15 – 2.30 pm Ballet Beg/Basics (teacher: Pla)
4 pm – 5 pm Baile Folklorico (Cabeza De Vaca Cultural School)

And says this:
8.30 – 9.30 am Ballet Basics (teacher: Pla)
9.30 – 11.00 am Ballet Int (teacher: Pla)
11.00 am – 12.30 pm Stretching (teacher: Natsuo)
5 pm – Midnight Salsa Team Practice (teacher: Cristian)

Please tell me which one is correct so I can go to a class. Thank you! 🙂


Kelsey hi. Sorry about the 2 websites. The right one is To be double sure please call the teacher before your first class. I just suggest it to make sure you don’t waste another class. The schedule is current though, as far as I know. Have fun!


Are you still offering the beg ballet classes on tues and wed? And how much are they? I can’t find that kind of info here.

Thank you,


Amanda hi,
Class is $15/single class or $13/card of 10 class.


My name is Marta and I’m interested in taking Flamenco classes. Are you still offering them? What’s the price for one class/ package?


Hi Marta,
Thank you for your comment!
Please contact the Flamenco teachers and ask them individually. Name and numbers are under Teachers.
Looking forward to having you at the studio!

Thanks, Liliana!

Hi, I finished my RAD a intermediate exam back in September 2014 (in Singapore) and would like to take the advance exam in 2015. I was wondering if your studio holds exams for advance RAD exams and what would the coaching fees and schedules be like? Thanks!

Hi. No RAD. Wish we could help more but I don’t even know where to address you for that. I know of a Cecchetti program in Huntington Beach but no RAD.
Congratulations on finishing your courses.

Lila, We (Cabeza de Vaca Cultura) have been holding Ballet Folklorico also known as Baile Folklorico classes since 2010 @ The Born to Play Dance Studio. This is both A Children & Adult & Male & Female Class. Can U please update the Schedule? Thank U, Gina DeVaca

You will see me soon!

I’m interested in taking an intermediate adult ballet class and was wondering if it was best just to show up at the scheduled time or to contact the instructor in advanced?

Correct. Just show up. If it makes you feel safer, maybe also call if you have questions. Looking forward to seeing you at the studio!

I think Pla’s Sunday class times are different than what is posted here.

I’ve changed them. Are they correct now?

Hi Liliana! Thank you for your help. I’m not sure about the beginners class but intermediate starts at 11:30.

Ok. I changed it :). Thank you Patty.

Hi…I would like to begin beginner’s flamenco….when does the next series begin.

Hi, Carolyn. Flamenco is ongoing. Please contact the Flamenco Teacher (under Teachers) directly for further info. Hope you’ll take Flamenco soon!

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