Kids Schedule

Fall Session 2018

Monday, August 20th – Saturday, December 8th (16 weeks—no class on Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend) 

Make up classes on Monday December 10th, Thursday December 13 and Saturday December 15th. Winter session with recital start up January 6th 2019.

Recital will be in February 2019 during the Winter session starting up January 6th, 2019. The work on the Recital Choreography will start in October 2018.


6 – 7.30 pm   Contemporary Ballet 3 – 4  (age 12-17)  w/Benedicte and Marie


4.30 – 5.30 pm  Jazz 3  (age 11-16)  w/Benedicte (must attend one ballet class)  

5.30 – 7 pm    Ballet 3-4 w/pointe  (age 12-17)  w/Benedicte and Marie


9.00 – 9.30 am   Pre-Ballet  (age 3-4)  w/Marie

9.30 – 10.15 am Pre-Ballet  (age 5-7)  w/Marie

10.30 – 11.30 am  Ballet 1-2  (age 7-10)  w/Benedicte  

11.30 -12.30 pm  Ballet 2  (age 10-15)  w/Benedicte  

12.30 – 2.00 pm  Ballet 3-4  w/pointe  (age 12-17)  w/Benedicte

Dress code

Pre-Ballet:  Pink leotard and ballet slippers – Hair up in a ballet bun or pony tale.

Ballet 1-4:  Black leotard, pink tights and ballet slippers and/or pointe shoes – Hair up in a ballet bun or pony tale.

Please respect the dress code, which is the foundation for costumes to the recital.


1 class per week  $ 320 ($ 20 per class)

2 classes per week   $ 480 ($ 15 per class)

3 classes per week   $ 672 ($ 14 per class)

4 classes per week   $ 832 ($ 13 per class)


  • Please NO drop in classes, the students must commit to a full session.
  • Tuition can be made in split payments.
  • New students can drop in for $ 20 to try class
  • FOR MULTIPLE CLASSES with Marie and Benedicte, pay to Born To Play (Benedicte)
  • For classes only at SMBWC register and pay at
  • Classes at SMBWC start up on September 10th (13 week session)  
  • Make up classes must be done within the session and available at both locations.

Contact us:  

Benedicte: 310 498 4786

Marie: 310 699 2633




29 Responses to "Kids Schedule"


I wanted to inquire about Adult beginner ballet classes. Do I need to register before, or can I just show up? What is appropriate clothing and footwear? Also, are you still located in Santa Monica? (A Yelp review indicated a move to the Pacific Palisades.)

Thanks very much,


All adult classes are drop in, no pre registration necessary. There is no dress code for adult classes, but ballet slippers is good for ballet. You can wear anything you can move freely in.
Yes, we are located in Santa Monica, on 2621 Pico Blvd Unit K
Hope to see you in class – Benedicte

I was interested in taking some adult classes. I see the schedule posted online. but as just wondering if I need to preregister, or if the classes are just on a drop in bases.
Thank you,

All adult classes are drop in, no pre registration necessary.

Hope to see you in class – Benedicte

Hi I will be in Santa Monica this summer, and I was wondering if you would be having a different schedule for the summer or if the adult classes will be around the same times!

Hello Emily! Thanks for your comment. So far the schedule for the summer will remain the same as now. But, please, look at it again before showing up in class and feel free to contact us again closer to the date you arrive. Hope to see you soon!


I want to do something fun with my grandma Esther but before I sign up is it going to be a problem If she speaks almost no English? Her first language is Spanish and we were thinking of taking salsa or flamenco… Any recommendations?

Also, when do classes begin?

Thanks for the reply 🙂

Hi Johanna, ola!
All classes are already on. I suggest to give a call to the teacher of the class you want to take your grandma to in advance, for the first time. The phone number of each teacher is under Teachers.
Celina (Flamenco) and Cristian (Salsa) speak Spanish. Furthermore, dance is mostly about movements you can observe and repeat.
Celina is now being replace for a few weeks by a female teacher who studied in Spain as well, so I presume her Spanish is good!
Hope to see you soon at the studio.

I live near the studio and am SO interested in taking Flamenco classes. I have some dance background- from college, twenty years ago. Issue is that I am only “kid free” on Wednesday evenings or sometimes Mondays. Any chance of Flamenco class for a beginning Flamenco dancer (who has a lot of rhythm and coordination) on one of those nights? I am so eager to start! Thank you!

Hi Maggie! Thanks for contacting us!
Right now Celina Zambon is in Buenos Aires for a couple of months playing the leading role in a comedy.
The substitute teacher is Alexandra Rozo and I’d suggest to contact her directly at (818) 588 2377. She can answer your questions about what class is best for your level. Maybe Monday you can fit in!
Hope you’ll make it back to dancing soon Maggie!

Is there only Saturday classes for pre-ballet for the summer or have any additional days or times been added?

Hello Kenna!
For the summer, Pre-Ballet is only on Saturdays.
As you can see, you’ll have more in the Fall-Winter session.
Hope to see you soon!

I am wondering if I need to register my 3 year old daughter for the fall preballet classes or if those are drop in. We would initially like to try out one class and see how it goes.
Thanks so much,

Hi Ana,
thank you for your inquiry.
Your daughter can have a free trial class and see if she likes it.
You might register her after that.

Hi Benedicte,
My 8-yr old daughter is interested in trying your Saturday class. Can we try the first Saturday of the Fall Session (9/17) as a drop-in class just to be sure? It sounds like a lovely environment.

Yes, absolutely! Thank you, Anna!
Looking forward to meeting your girl!

My 12 yo daughter, who has been dancing for a few years, and ice skating for 6 years is interested in trying one of your classes. We’ve heard great things! Can she try tomorrow’s (10/8) 11:15 -12:15 class??

Hi Leesa. Thanks for your comment.
Yes, your daughter can come over and try the Saturday class with Benedicte, if yesterday you didn’t take her yet.
Looking forward!

hello Im interested in your kids pre ballet class
My daughter is 33months old . can we come to see the class ? and they have hip hop class for her age?

When is the next session start and registration date?

Hi Yukari! The next session will start on January!
Today we have the kids recital but, starting tomorrow, we’ll work on the new schedules and dates that will be online soon!
Thanks again and please check back with us soon!

My daughter is 6 years old. She took Tap and Ballet combo class (santa monica city program) for about 2 year ago. She said she wants to take a ballet class but I want to her to try first. I want to her to take a first “try” class but she doesn’t have ballet slippers. I don’t want to buy it after she take a first “try” class. Is that OK? Also when can she take a first “try” class?

Hi Yukari,
thanks for your interest.
You can take your daughter to the 10.15 am Ballet Class on Saturday morning. The Spring Session just starts this coming Saturday!
If she wants to keep attending, then we can give you a 10% discount coupon to apply to the slippers purchase either online or at the Dance Store.
Liliana Isella

She doesn’t have leotard either. Is that OK to go on Staurday morning?

In ballet the proper attitude and the proper attire for class are highly appreciated. Maybe you can simply ask your daughter in advance if she is willing to take ballet or not and go from there.
Best Regards,

Hola estoy interesada en las clases de pre ballet clases mi nena tiene 4 añitos tengo q registrarla antes o solamente puedo llegar… Gracias

Hola Patricia,
puede llegar con la nina a la classe.

Can drop-in students do the classes indicated “w/pointe” without Pointe?

Hi Mia, thanks for your question.
They can attend Benedicte’s class “w/pointe” not wearing pointe.
As for my Wednesday Pointe class at 5.30 pm, I’d rather have all students on pointe.
Thank you,

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